Our debut blog……

Woo hoo, its official, Public House is up and running. And if proof were needed here’s a little snippet from today’s press. Our aim is to inspire people to up their game and serve the best food & drink they possibly can. We really think we can make a difference.

We’ll be writing updates on our projects and sharing some pearls of wisdom on a regular (fortnightly-ish) basis. So don’t be shy, keep your eye on us and let us know what you think on our Twitter page.

We’ve been very lucky and got off to a real flyer, winning a couple of fantastic, super-duper clients already.

London based Deliverance, whose ‘good food, delivered fast’ concept is redefining the hot food delivery market. If you live in London, take the night off from cooking, put your feet up and let them deliver amazing food to your door. We’re very proud to be working with them on their food development projects.

And Akkeron Hotels, whose property portfolio gives the Duke of Westminster a run for his money, well almost. They’re a relatively new player to the hotel market but they’ve already acquired a staggering 35 hotels in just over 2 years and have big plans for the future. Public House is leading the team on a redevelopment project of their Shillingford Bridge Hotel, near Oxford. We’ll be writing a special dedicated blog very soon on our plans for this property, so keep your eyes peeled, but it’s safe to say that this is going to be a very special place indeed once we’ve waved out magic wand. All very exciting.

Couple of other things we’d like to say, firstly our friends at LEON have a new cookbook out. It’s really very good and well worth buying. Secondly lots and lots of people have helped us get up and running in the past couple of months. Massive thank-you to all you wonderful people, you know who you are, it would have been much, much harder to get here without you.

That’s it, short, sweet and to the point. We’ll see you very soon.

Rich and Benny, x


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